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Ayr Seafield Bowling Club was founded in 1940 and was originally a municipal bowling green and tennis club operated by Ayr Town Council and subsequently Kyle and Carrick District Council until 1988 when the members formed a private club and undertook a lease of the clubhouse and playing surface.

The club has grown from strength to strength in this time, becoming an equal opportunities club, and increasing in membership from approximately 30 in 1940 to around 150 in 1988, up to about 220 members today. Many champions have come and gone, with Allister Reid holding the gents record with 6 wins between 1990 and 2000, and Vicky Ballantyne the ladies record with 8 wins between 1952 and 1965.
The clubhouse has changed dramatically too, from a basic pavilion in 1940, split into two rooms for bowling and tennis with fireplace, ticket office and outside toilets to today's structure with function room, bar, changing/locker rooms, kitchen and wc's.

Indeed,the club served another purpose during the war as there was an air raid siren attached to the roof of the clubhouse, which used to sound as a warning to the surrounding area of attack, and was only removed in the mid 90's when extensions were built (and we thought the likelihood of another German attack was unlikely!) When the club was formed in 1940, it was the main social centre for the area, where drama plays, whist drives etc. were held which dwindled away over the years until recently, when the social side of the club has been picked up again by the current members, and Christmas shows, quiz nights and barbecues etc. are now a regular feature.

Improvements have been made to the green as well during the last decade or so with the installation of an automatic sprinkler system and the conversion of the old grass bankings to modern artificial ones.
Ayr Seafield B.C. are currently undertaking yet another extension to the clubhouse to provide better gents toilet facilities and a disabled wc to ensure our clubhouse is fully accessible to all.

Ayr Seafield Bowling Club is now a good thriving club increasing in popularity, and the local hub of a terrific sport. If you are interested in joining us, either call at the club for a membership form, phone the club, or email us your details. You'll be made very welcome.